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Alone at 2:57 p.m. on 2002-07-05

Hellos everyone. Yesterday was not one of my great 4th of Julys; in fact, it was the 1st time we ever missed fireworks (i think)

Yup, we missed it. And how, you might ask, did we accomplish such a thing? Well, we went on the Miss Green River (it's a boat) and watched the waters for an hour while our guide explained about animals. It's really hot here in Kentucky; i'm surprised. Id hoped it'd be cooler than AL. We did see a deer and little ducks, but nothing else. That took us to 8:00. It took us 30 min to get back and more than 30 min a drive to Barren River where the fireworks would be. We were too late and ended up eating dinner in the traffic flow.

Today was much funer. In the morning at 10 am we went to Guntown Mountain. To get there we went on a chair lift. thos are kewl. Don't look down if you're afraid of heights. First i was scared but then i relaxed. It was 7 min and worth it. We saw a small man made town up there. The first thing that happened was a shooting. The audience could sit anywhere they'd like in the town while a play would be acted in the middle of the square. It was just like the old westerns. Then we went inside the Lady Luck auditorium and i ate some ice cream while watching a Can Can show. After that we all sat in an auditorium and watched singers and musicians perform.

After that we went to a Hideway Saloon where another play would be acted out. That was a good one. All in all we had a fun time at Gun Mountain in Kentucky.

Now we're going to go on a cave tour. cya.

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